Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are groups of undifferentiated cells existing in a group with differentiated cells. The main function of stem cells are to fix and maintain body tissue by renewing themselves and transforming into the type of cell needed in an area of the body where there may be injury, trauma, or disease. Stem cells’ versatility makes them an excellent treatment therapy option to repair virtually any part of the body.

Often Used to Treat:

Stem cell therapy is commonly used in areas were arthritis is common, such as the knee, ankles, hips and shoulders. Stem cell therapy can also aid with:

Tendonitis and bursitis
Knee, Hip or Ankle Pain
Joints that lock up or give out
Bulging discs
Rotator cuff tears
Non-healing bone fractures
Chronic inflammation
Cartilage repair

Ideal candidates for stem cell therapy include people who lead an active lifestyle, have had corticosteroid injections over a long period of time without lasting results, and those who wish to avoid surgery

What is the Process for Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy uses stem cells taken from marrow and tissue in the body. These cells are then injected into the area where there is dysfunction, disease, inflammation, injury, or chronic pain. This process happens in two ways:

  • Autologous graft: using one’s own stem cells to treat an injury.
  • Allograft: using someone else’s stem cells to treat an injury.

Stem cell therapy occurs in several steps. First, a pre-injection is given in which a dextrose solution prepares the soft tissue for cell extraction. Then, during the actual stem cell procedure, blood and marrow samples are collected. Later that same day, blood platelets and stem cells are introduced into the injury. Finally, a post-injection is administered, and more platelet stimulants are given to boost healing.


Patients often experience relief quite quickly and continue to experience progressive improvement over time.

Risk Factors Associated with Stem Cell Therapy

All medical procedures come with some degree of risk. Irritation commonly occurs during the harvesting phase of stem cell therapy and infection might occur during the delivery phase. Stem cell therapy is still experimental, and other, more conservative treatment options should be explored before stem cell therapy is considered.

Dr.Raju Mantena
Dr. Raju Mantena is an anesthesiologist and pain specialist based in the Houston area and has over 15 years of medical experience which he relies upon each day to successfully treat his patients’ acute and chronic pain.

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