Cervical Epidural Injection

What is Cervical Epidural Injection?

A cervical epidural injection is similar to what is administered to women in labor. Also referred to as cervical epidural steroid injection or CESI, the procedure is safe and effective in treating neck and back pain. Anti-inflammatory medicine is injected into the epidural space near the spine. Nothing goes on or into your spine. You will experience reduced swelling, inflammation, and, namely, pain!

Often Used to Treat:

CESIs are often used to treat:

Spinal stenosis
Chronic neck pain
Cervical radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy is shooting pain from the neck into the arms, shoulders, or fingers, often described as pins and needles. This often occurs due to a disc herniation, causing a nerve to be compressed and irritated.

What Are the Benefits?

CESIs have been used since 1986 and are considered the main treatment for cervical radiculopathy and chronic neck pain. Most importantly, CESIs are minimally invasive, allowing you to return to normal life as soon as possible.

How Often Should This Procedure Be Done?

You can receive up to three injections in a six month period, with two or three weeks between each. You may find that you experience relief after one or two injections and do not need the standard group of three.

When Will I Feel Better?

Many see results immediately after the second injection, while effects can start within two to three days.

Is a Cervical Epidural Injection Right for Me?

If your chronic neck pain has continued for more than four weeks and has not been helped by other conservative therapies, you may consider this treatment. Contact one of our board-certified physicians soon to start treatment early and increase your chances of success.

Risk Factors

There are risks to any procedure, but CESIs are considered safe and effective. Complications may include bleeding, headache, infection, allergic reaction to medication, and any reaction caused by the medications themselves. Your physician will use fluoroscopy to ensure proper needle placement, reducing risk of complications. Your doctor will also fully discuss risks with you before the procedure.

Evidence of Performance

In 1993, a study was published on CESIs’s effectiveness in treating neck and arm pain long-term, with 68% of patients reporting positively. A 1994 study found 71% of patients experiencing a 75% pain reduction. In 2007, studies showed that multiple injections are much more effective than single injections.

CESIs can impact everyone differently based on individual cases. Many experience full pain relief. The procedure is minimally invasive and easy to perform, making it an appealing option for many that have not found relief elsewhere.

Dr.Raju Mantena
Dr. Raju Mantena is an anesthesiologist and pain specialist based in the Houston area and has over 15 years of medical experience which he relies upon each day to successfully treat his patients’ acute and chronic pain.

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