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Lower Back Issues
Elizabeth Garcia

"I have been seeing Dr. Mantena for about a year and a half. I was involved in an auto accident where I was rear ended and my insurance company sent me here for pain management because I had lower back issues. Dr. Mantena doesn’t just throw medicines at it. My insurance company sent me to Dr. Mantena and I started feeling better. My pain level after seeing him after my accident have gone down drastically. I would highly recommend Dr. Mantena."

SI Joint Pain
Claude Hartdegen

"I have had off and on problems with my SI Joints for years. I have been struggling with this and my pain levels could fluctuate between 1 to 10. My spasm were that bad that it could hit me and drop me to the floor. I really could not do anything. It was inconsistent - one day it might not be so bad and the next day I am on the floor screaming and yelling. Then I found and contacted Dr. Raju Mantena and he suggested that we do the injections in both of my SI Joints. It’s been 10 days since the procedure and I haven’t had the slightest pain till now. For me its the best decision that I made to see Dr. Raju Mantena. I would highly recommend him to whoever is in pain."

Lower Back and Leg Pain
Brandon Abshire

"I had back pain going on for two and a half years. But after the injections(treatment) you feel a 100% better. Its a totally pain free and quick procedure. It lasts for just four minutes. Knock that pain off. Get in here as soon as you can.”

Back Pain
Cynthia Perry

"I have had back for 4 yrs or more. I could not enjoy playing with my grand kid. I couldn’t pick them up or went behind them because of the back pain. It was quick easy and pain free. It feels wonderful, it feels great."

Lower back & neck pain
Mary Blake

"Mary Blake was suffering from severe lower back pain and neck pain before she met Dr. Raju Mantena at the Pearland surgery center 5 years ago. She says " Earlier my pain was severe. Dr. Raju Mantena just came in, took over and he made me feel at ease. I wasn’t scare, I wasn’t nervous. I was relaxed with him. Now that the pain has gone I can sleep quicker and easier. It’s easier to driver around without the neck pain. I don’t have to turn corners, all that stuff. I just feel good again. I highly recommend Dr. Raju Mantena."

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