Dr. Raju Mantena

Dr. Raju Mantena is an anaesthesiologist and pain specialist based in the Houston area and has over 15 years of medical experience which he relies upon each day to successfully treat his patients’ acute and chronic pain. As a renowned expert, he has given numerous lectures on interventional pain management and has also assisted with training anaesthesiology residents.

Dr. Raju Mantena has performed over 15,000 cutting-edge procedures throughout his career with a high success rate. The procedures range from intradiscal procedures, to epidural steroid injections, radio frequency ablation, joint injections, nerve blocks for cancer pain, and spinal cord stimulation.

Before working in Houston, Dr. Raju Mantena served on the anaesthesiology/pain management staff of several large leading New York hospitals and the largest anaesthesia group in the country. He also served as the Director of Pain Management at Forest Hills Hospital in New York.

“Chronic pain is debilitating for many patients and can significantly limit their lifestyle and activities. I consider the needs of each of my patients based on the background information they present and their goals in restoring a normal, active lifestyle.”

According to Dr. Raju Mantena, successfully treating chronic and acute pain requires multiple modalities, including conservative non-invasive measures (rest, ice, heat, stretching, exercise, physical therapy), medications, and injections.

“No one method works for all people, and many patients require more than one treatment option. Treatment options are customized to the individual based on their physical exam, medical history and imaging studies. The goal of treatment is to decrease pain, restore function and decrease dependence on powerful medications.” – Dr. Raju Mantena

Dr. Raju Mantena is an avid yoga enthusiast and enjoys spending his spare time with his kids.


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